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Investment Overview

Two equity investment options are available:

1. Founder Shares  (Available to purchase now)     

2. New Issue Shares (On Demand) 

  • There are 10 million founder shares available at $0.10 per share (until further notice)
  • A new Issue will be made available for investors who wish to buy company shares (Ask for details)
  • There are 100m shares issued and a limit of 400m maximum shares can be issued in the company (Maximum dilution to 25%)
  • An external valuation from Equidam predicts a share price of $0.34 per share (based upon our sales forecasts)
  • A term sheet is available upon request
  • The following exit options are planned:
    • Private sales via Insulution website
    • A public listing is planned in 2019

You can purchase up to 200,000 Insulution founder shares by credit/debit card in USD, SEK or EUR by following the link below. Other currencies are also supported however a local currency conversion fee may be charged by the payment provider or your bank.

See below for Further Information

1. Insulution – Introduction 2 Pages

2. Insulution Company & Product Overview – PDF

Purchase Shares

2. Cryptocurrency tokens

  • A purchase of 1,000 tokens for $1,000 will return $1,500 within 12 months (using token buy back)
  • An Insulution token is a fixed utility “stable coin” token fixed to the value of  the US Dollar
  • We have minted the Insulution cryptocurrency token on the Stellar Network
  • Clients can purchase products at discount
  • There are currently 10 million tokens available to purchase with a 50% bonus available
  • Tokens issued will be purchased back by the company as orders are filled
  • We expect to be able to buy back all tokens within 12 months based upon our forecast cashflow
  • Token holders will be eligible to take part in our token buy back scheme which provides a second exit option
  • As orders are received from clients, Insulution will offer token holders the chance to sell their tokens back to the company
  • The timing and level of buyback will be dependant on sales results and cashflow
  • It will be offered in a first-in-first-out basis so that earlier can exit first
  • In the event that the Token Buy-back is not utilised, the token holder may convert their tokens to equity shares at a 25% discount in the two weeks prior to public listing based upon the listing share-price